Tillage Tools

KUHN offers a broad range of cultivation equipment that is designed to perform where proper seedbeds are essential. Each product range leads the world in the areas of durability and productivity.

Primary Tillage

KUHN Krause primary tillage tools promote the breakdown of crop residue and allow for excellent root development for the next crop. These subsurface tillage tools break up compaction while preserving the soil surface, promote aeration, limit erosion and runoff, and improve water infiltration which helps the soil retain moisture.

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Secondary Tillage

A uniform soil surface, level seedbed and evenly distributed residue are key to achieving perfect planting conditions. Secondary tillage tools from Kuhn North America are the final step towards creating the perfect seedbed and maximizing yield potential. They have been designed to be versatile enough to excel in a wide range of working conditions, and provide the efficient and reliable performance expected of all KUHN products.

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  • Field Cultivators

    • 5635_Sil.png


      Working Widths: 20’6” – 50’6”

  • Power Harrows

    • HR6040R_009_LD_Sil.png

      HR 1040 R

      Commercial-Grade, Folding Power Harrows | Working Widths: 19'6" and 26'5"

    • HRB-252_sil.png

      HRB 102

      Narrow-Row Application Power Harrows | Working Widths: 4’ to 9’10”

    • HRB303_Sil.png

      HRB 103

      Economical Power Harrows | Working Widths: 9’10”-13’1”

    • HR3030_Sil_01.png

      HR 1030

      Commercial-Grade Power Harrows | Working Width: 9'8" to 14'8"

    • HR3040_Sil_01.png

      HR 1040

      Commercial-Grade Power Harrows | Working Width: 9'8" to 13'1"

  • Power Tillers

    • EL82_Sil.png

      EL 62/82/92

      For gardeners and horticulturists with working widths of 50” to 91”

    • EL122_Sil.png

      EL 122/162

      For proper seedbed preparation ranging in 8’2” to 9’10” in working width.

    • EL282_Sil.png

      EL 282

      Conquers your operation’s needs with either 13’4” or 15’ of working width.

    • EL402R_sil.png

      EL 402 R

      Create a smooth seedbed in one pass with a working width of 20’3”.

  • Soil Finishers

    • 6205Landman_Sil.png

      Landsman® 6205

      3-Section, Single-Fold: 18’ – 31’6”; 5-Section, Double-Fold: 36’ – 45’"

    • Landstar6405_Sil.png

      Landstar™ 6405

      3-Section, Single-Fold: 18’ – 31’6”; 5-Section, Double-Fold: 36’"

High-Speed Vertical Tillage

KUHN Krause revolutionized the vertical tillage segment with the Excelerator®. This product delivers high-speed residue cutting and soil mixing that incorporates many tillage techniques in a single pass. With the exclusive Excalibur® blades and Star Wheel™ treaders, this vertical tillage system does an excellent job of downsizing clods, leveling soil, and anchoring residue, while the 24/7® soil conditioning reel finishes the seedbed preparation.

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The KUHN Krause Gladiator® is designed to meet the challenges faced by today's strip tillers by providing an industry-leading precision tillage system that produces the perfect seedbed, whatever the conditions. Choose from a variety of fertilizer solutions to ensure the best nutrient plan for your operation.

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Disc Harrows

KUHN Krause disc harrows provide excellent residue cutting and seedbed preparation to ensure the proper placement of seeds. Residue Razor™ disc blades combined with good weight-to-blade ratio ensure consistent soil penetration in a variety of conditions. A wide range of widths are available for a variety of tractor power options and the trademarked Quad-Fold™ provides exceptional transport dimensions.

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KUHN Krause packers pulverize clods, press down stones and eliminate air pockets in the soil, resulting in a superior seedbed to give your crop uniform emergence and even soil temperature right from the start. Choose the KUHN Krause 4400 packer for the best seedbed for your seed.

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