Landscape & Road"

The KUHN range for landscape and road maintenance is made up of flail mowers, verge mowers and brush cutters designed to accommodate different shredding heads. Designed to meet the needs of landscape and road maintenance professionals, this range also offers multi-purpose distributors that ensure a homogeneous distribution of the product even at low application rates.

KUHN has a wide range of equipment to keep your ditches, hedges, woods, banks and roadsides maintained. Our line of offset mowers allows for easy and convenient care of most landscaping situations. In addition, salt and sand spreaders are available to help maintain surfaces during winter conditions. Operators can quickly and easily change from a narrow spreading width on sidewalks to a wider width on roads or parking lots.

Discover our range dedicated to Landscape Tools

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    Offset Mowers

    KUHN’s range of offset mowers is well suited for farming customers, landscape professionals and municipalities. These units are great for mowing roadsides, ditches, hedges, woods, banks and other applications. There are different knife options to choose from to provide optimum performance for your specific application depending on working conditions. Read more

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    Salt & Sand Spreaders

    To maintain surfaces during winter conditions, KUHN offers the VSA salt and sand spreader. A key characteristic of this spreader is a precise spread pattern for product savings and complete coverage. With the KUHN VSA’s large range of uses, easy maintenance and high durability, this KUHN salt and spreader will ensure peace of mind. Read more

KUHN shredders are the key to creating excellent crop residue for nutrient rich soil. Whether you are mowing tall, thick strands of grass, or vegetation in parks, nurseries, green spaces, vineyards or orchards, KUHN has the shredder for your operation. KUHN’s range of shredders provide versatility and uniform results, and are well-known for their cut quality.

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