High-Speed Discs

Kuhn North America offers a range of high-speed discs that are designed to increase customer's tillage productivity. Higher operating field speed can now be realized without sacrificing seedbed quality or machine performance.

Interceptor® 8055

Your high-speed solution for residue management, weed control and seedbed creation, the Interceptor 8055 was developed to provide growers with a conservation tillage tool capable of leaving a well-structured, level seedbed in fall or spring.  Working Widths: 19’ – 39'6".

Optimer® L

The Optimer® L high-speed compact disc, with independent 20" disc blades, is the ideal machine for quality shallow soil cultivation promoting decomposition of organic matter while preventing soil moisture loss. Working widths: 9’ 10” – 24’ 7” (3.0 m – 7.5 m). Mounted and trailed models.

Optimer® XL

Manage fall residue or create a spring seedbed with the KUHN Optimer® XL Series compact discs. Mounted and trailed configurations with a wide range of rear roller options customize the Optimer XL to help suit your needs!

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