CCI Equipment

ISOBUS communication capabilities offer simple, quick connection between tractor, implement, and terminal, minimizing the need for multiple machine specific terminals. In 2009, KUHN and five other agricultural implement manufacturers founded the Competence Center ISOBUS (CCI) to develop ISOBUS solutions for their implements. Since then, multiple other manufacturers have joined the group to offer effective ISOBUS solutions and continue to drive development. In the future, continued work with the CCI group and ISOBUS innovation ensures that Kuhn North America continues to offer simple, effective connectivity on a wide range of machinery, including balers, wrappers, rotary rakes, mergers, fertilizer spreaders, and TMR mixers.

CCI 1200

The CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal features a 12.1" (30.7 cm) multi-touch touchscreen similar to to most modern cell phones and tablets. The monitor functionality can be customized to match the needs of your operation."

CCI 800

The 8” ISOBUS CCI 800 terminal is the perfect size for your tractor cab and can help you control and easily manage your machines and improve efficiencies with advanced precision farming capabilities!

CCI 50

The CCI 50 is a 5.6” (14.2 cm) multi-touch ISOBUS compatible screen that is versatile and allows you to operate a wide variety of implements via one terminal. The camera input and automatic brightness help operators monitor those hard-to-see areas.


The Smart Soil Technology™ ISOBUS control system provides a completely new way for operators to control their Excelerator® XT 8010 from the tractor cab. Available as an option on all folding Excelerator XT models.

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