Disc Harrows

KUHN Krause disc harrows provide excellent residue cutting and seedbed preparation to ensure the proper placement of seeds. Residue Razor™ disc blades combined with good weight-to-blade ratio ensure consistent soil penetration in a variety of conditions. A wide range of widths are available for a variety of tractor power options and the trademarked Quad-Fold™ provides exceptional transport dimensions.

Class I: Seedbed Finishing

KUHN Krause Class I tandem disc harrows deliver an excellent seedbed finish.  With optimal weight-to-blade ratios, these machines maintain a consistent seedbed depth, critical during early spring seedbed preparation.

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Class II: All-Purpose

Class II tandem disc harrows provide all-purpose operation in a variety of soil and residue conditions.  KUHN Krause Class II tandem disc harrows are available for a variety of tractor power requirements.

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Class III: Primary Tillage

KUHN Krause Class III tandem disc harrows deliver primary tillage operation where maximum soil penetration and residue mixing is required.  With a variety of widths available to match your tractor power requirements, these disc harrows deliver the durability synonymous with the KUHN Krause name.

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Recognized for rugged dependability and heavy-duty construction, KUHN Krause offset disc harrows deliver excellent residue cutting and soil penetration. When an offset disc is required for your application, the KUHN Krause offset is prepared for your toughest challenge.

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