Hay & Forage Testimonials

Divorne Farms Limited Uses KUHN Triple Mower Combination to Maximize Productivity 

Divorne Farms of Haywood, Manitoba, Canada - One of the Most Unique Farming Operations in the World Today

“This is not the first time we have had KUHN equipment and it’s always been great,” stated Divorne in regard to their purchasing decision, and he has already started to see the results. "Now, we’re doing the work of three regular haybines with this one machine,” commented Divorne. 

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Layes Says His FC 3160 Mower Conditioner Delivers Faster Drying

Ronnie Layes, Farmer, Arkansas

"What really impressed him, though, is the fact he’s been able to put up his hay two days quicker with his new mower conditioner. If he cuts in the morning, it’ll be ready to bale the day after next thanks to the FC 3160’s fast, clean mowing of heavy grasses with consistent effective conditioning and quicker drydown."

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Missouri Farmer/Businessman Sees Finer Points in FC 3560 TCD

Ron Harleman, Entrepreneur/Farmer , Missouri

"The nice thing is the flotation built into it. It follows the contours of the ground with smooth action. It floats over the ground without a lot of pressure, rather than just pounding and dragging on it."

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Young New Yorker Invests In First KUHN Mower Conditioner

Chad Carpenter, Farmer , New York

"I had a mower, but wanted a more reliable one and after testing a couple I went with KUHN because they are well-built. The old mower will be used in old pasture land, and the shiny, new one in the farm’s prime fields."

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Prybil Says FC 4060 TCD Mower Conditioner Built Tough 

Steve Prybil, cash crop and hay producer, Southeast Iowa

"The easy maintenance is unreal, amazed by the way it works."

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Demmer Family Farm, LLC Trusts the KUHN FC 4060 TCR Mower Conditioner for its Durability and Longevity

Russ Demmer, beef and hog producer, Iowa

"I’d always had competitor mower conditioners in the past. After talking with a fellow producer who had a KUHN, that’s when I was really sold on purchasing one. He told me for over ten years his KUHN mower was bullet proof."

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Golden Giveaway Winners Appreciate the Simple and Durable Design of Their New KUHN GMD 280 Disc Mower

Jared and Kaitlyn Basehoar, farmers, Pennsylvania

"After running the mower, I’ve noticed how easy it is to use and how smooth it cuts in order to help us create well-formed windrows which are easy for us to harvest."

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Trapp Adds KUHN GMD 5251 TC Disc Mower to his KUHN suite

Kenneth Trapp Jr., hay producer in Tifton, Texas

"It’s big! The GMD 5251 TC is very well designed and the construction is second to none. We travel a lot between locations and safety is a primary concern, so the ability to transport in-line is something I’ve been waiting for," stated Trapp, "This was a top selling point. It’s very well engineered. Transition in either direction is quick and easy. It also opened up space in our equipment barn."

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Chapin Family Farms Saves Time and Money, Year After Year, with KUHN Merge Maxx® Hay Mergers

Sam Chapin, Livestock and crop producer

"Personally, I can’t remember not having KUHN equipment on the farm. The control box makes operation for us simple and efficient. You never have to leave the tractor, which means few to no slowdowns and a safer working experience. The option of the fold-out extension allowed us to move up to a larger mower without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a larger merger. We constantly use the conveyor side-shift function depending on the field, cutting or obstacles (such as power poles and pivots being in the way). The control box allows us to more easily adjust to these changing variables with relative ease."

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KUHN Merge Maxx® 700 Hay Merger Assists Miritz Custom Chopping with Meeting their Customers’ Needs

Joe Miritz, Custom Operator, Wisconsin

"The merger holds the crop close to the pickup. This helps to improve and create a better merged and uniform windrow. We had a custom operator competitor of ours that we hired to help us when we got behind and they ran a competitor model. By using a different competitor machine and it not creating a uniform windrow, we lost 1.5 miles per hour in that windrow."

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Fourth Generation Continues to use KUHN Equipment

William Warwas, Cattle rancher and custom hay operator, Texas

"The best thing for us about the hay cutter [GMD 4051 TL] is that you don’t need a big tractor to pull it. Besides that, the cutter also pulls easily, is a good size, and does a good job cutting,” says Warwas. “We also really like the adjustability of the cutter."

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KUHN LSB 1290 D Square Baler 

T & K Red River Dairy, Arizona

“Our LSB baler is showing very, very little wear compared to other balers that we run the same amount of bales through. It bales faster hay and is all around a better baler.” 

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