Power Tillers

For over 50 years, KUHN has been perfecting the rotary power tiller, while always focusing on giving producers, from homeowners to large commercial operators, the best ROI possible. Incorporating residue, enhancing soil structure and improving subsequent root development; if one or more of these are goals you want to accomplish, a KUHN power tiller is your solution.

EL 62/82/92

KUHN power tillers are versatile, while also mastering difficult soils and easily dealing with the presence of rocks without any long-term impact on the machine.

EL 122/162

KUHN EL 122 and EL 162 power tillers are intended for tractors rated up to 125 horsepower and 165 horsepower. These tillers are designed for convenient operation, with extremely quick and easy to perform adjustments.

EL 282

The EL 282 power tillers are tailored for arable and field vegetable operations, but also for cooperative use by machinery co-ops or custom operators.

EL 402 R

Designed, manufactured and proven for large field crop and specialty operations, the EL 402 R power tiller includes features like industry-leading CultiRotor with DuraKUHN blades and triple cooling gearbox.

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