TBE 22 Offset Mower


Designed for Mowing with Ease!

The TBE 22 offset landscape mower is designed specifically for mowing roadsides, ditches, and hedges, with a range of operating angles. The TBE 22 is compatible with Cat. 2 and 3 hitches, which matches up well to common utility tractors found in municipal applications.

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The KUHN TBE 22 offset mower is designed for mowing roadsides, ditches, and hedges. The pivoting head design allows the operator to work as steeply as 65 degrees below grade for steep ditches, or in a vertical upright position to tackle hedges and tree lines along paths or roadways. The heavy-duty driveline and large rotor diameter make quick work of grass or light branches. Two sets of counterknives welded into the hood liner help to process cut material into fine clippings for quick decomposition, returning nutrients to the soil. Depending on the application, the TBE 22 can have either universal or hammer knives for the best performance.
TBE 22 Offset Mower

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Easily Adapt to Mowing Conditions


Hitch & Offset

The TBE 22 is compatible with Cat. 2 and 3 hitches, which matches up well to common utility tractors found in municipal applications. The heavy-duty offset arm allows the machine to work either directly behind the tractor or offset to the right up to 35” (89 cm). The pivot pins feature hollow seal rings for long life. The mowing head can pivot up to 65 degrees below grade to work in steep ditches or along waterways, or up to 90 degrees above horizontal to reach hedges and trees along roads or walking paths in parks and other areas. ​

Central Gearbox

A wide-angle, low-maintenance PTO shaft connects the tractor with the central gearbox of the TBE 22. All models come standard with 1 3/8”, 6-spline coupler and the gearbox is rated for a 540 rpm input speed. The central gearbox is rated up to a maximum of 110 PTO horsepower to match up to the mid-sized utility tractors commonly found in municipal applications.

Rotor Drive

The gearbox directly connects to the top pulley of the belt drive system that runs the rotor. The TBE 22 uses four drive belts for durability under heavy loads. The belt drive cover is ventilated to reduce heat buildup and extend the life of the belt system. To make belt inspection and replacement easy, a single bolt holds the belt cover in place.​

Protect Against Impact


Outer Casing

Like all KUHN shredders and offset mowers, the outer casing of the TBE 22 Series is shaped to provide a strong, long-lasting structure while optimizing the flow of shredded material through the machine. The gentle arch of the design offers significant capacity for tall, thick grasses and allows the shredded material to be ejected smoothly and evenly out the back of the machine. (BKE shredder shown for illustration purposes)


The cutting rotor consists of a steel tube fitted with four rows of knives. The thick walls of the tube reduce the potential for damage if one or more knives contact an obstacle. Two rows of counterknives are welded into the hood liner, which itself is welded into the inside of the hood. The counterknives further shred the cut material, creating smaller pieces that decompose faster. The welded hood liner extends the life of the outer hood skin by absorbing impacts and abrasions. ​

More Mowing Options and Possibilities


Knife Options

The TBE 22 is available from the factory with either universal knives (left) or hammer knives (right). The “Y” shaped universal knives work very well for powering through thick grass. Hammer knives are much heavier and more desirable in applications that encounter a significant number of small branches or woody twigs. Other knife styles are available through KUHN Parts to match a wide range of specific applications.

Height Control

The standard height-control component on all TBE 22 models is a roller mounted just behind the rotor. This roller is approximately 6.6” (168 mm) in diameter and sits closely behind the rotor to ensure excellent ground following. Adjusting the height of the roller is accomplished by bolting it into the appropriate set of holes for the desired height. Four heights are available: 1.1” (29 mm), 1.8” (45 mm), 2.3” (59 mm), and 2.8” (71 mm). ​

Side Skids

Side skids bolt to the base of the main rotor housing to reduce wear. They are made of HARDOX material for extended life and can be easily replaced.​



Working width
Transport width
Rotor speed
Knife linear speed
Number of hammer knives
Number of universal knives
Working height adjustment
Inner protection cover
Mechanical breakaway system
Curved skid shoes
Free wheel integrated in the central gearbox
Wide angle PTO shaft
Hitch type
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Machine net weight, approx. with roller
PTO speed (rpm)
Rotor diameter
Minimum PTO power requirement
Maximum PTO power recommended
TBE 22
7'0" (2.14 m)
7'10" (2.39 m)
2,325 rpm
116 mph (52 m/s)
Roller with fixed ends
0.16" (4 mm) welded liner
Cat. 2, 3-point
1 SA and 1 DA
1,773 lbs (804 kg)
16.7" (425 mm)
80 hp (59 kW)
110 hp (81 kW)