Versatile By Design

TB 211 Series offset landscape mowers are designed specifically for grassy areas and well suited for hedge work with a range of operating angles.

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Whether it’s the fight against weeds on field edges or road maintenance – there is a solution available for everyone. In multiple conditions, the KUHN TB 211 Series mowers provide you with versatility. These mowers are also supported by their sturdy design and protection features to avoid damage.

Maintenance mowing has to be done in a variety of environments, but will usually take place in grassy areas with a high chance of hidden foreign objects. The TB series has been designed specifically for these types of operations. These mowers will easily meet your offset mowing needs. The design is suited for hedge work with operating angles from -65° to +90°.
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Your benefits

Easily Adapt to Mowing Conditions


Oscillating 3-Point Hitch

An oscillating 3-point hitch, with floating or variable pivot on the mowing head allows the mowing head to adapt to mowing conditions dictated by terrain.

Rear Roller

The 6” diameter rear roller provides optimal height control, eliminates ruts in loose soils and provides better clearance over irregular ground.

Protect Against Impact


Non-Stop Safety Spring

When meeting an obstacle, the machine frame is protected by a non-stop spring-loaded safety system. After the obstacle is cleared, the machine will automatically return to working position. Moreover, the mechanical parts which are exposed to impact are all protected and the hood features a bolted 4 mm thick sheet metal lining for increased resistance to impacts and wear.


Designed for intensive use, the frame of the KUHN TB offset mower is unmatched with its reliability and longevity. This machine includes self-lubricating bushings on all pivot points.

More Mowing Options and Possibilities


Wide Angle PTO joint

A wide angle PTO joint is standard. This is one of the most important features on the machine, especially if you spend a large amount of time in the field with the machine in a vertical position.

Knife Options

  1. Universal Knives - Offer a more substantial option than the articulated knives when powering through heavier crop.
  2. Articulated Universal Knives - Offer more freedom to clear obstructions in grass conditions.
  3. Articulated Hammer Knives - Create lift for a clean cut. The shackle allows more freedom to clear obstructions hidden in grass conditions.
  4. Pallet-Type Finishing Knives  - Create lift for a clean cut. Pallet knives are suitable for use in parks and lawns, or any place that a clean finish is desired.
  5. Hammer Knives - Hammer knives are designed for shredding with plenty of lift and extra weight to power through brush up to 2”. Not for use in rocky conditions.

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Working width
Number of hammer knives
Number of universal knives
Inner protection cover
Mechanical breakaway system
Height adjustment by roller with removable ends
Curved skid shoes
Free wheel integrated in the central gearbox
Wide angle PTO shaft
Hitch type
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Machine net weight, approx. with roller
PTO speed (rpm)
Rotor diameter
Minimum PTO power requirement
Maximum PTO power recommended
6'8" (2.03 m)
Cat. 2, 3-point
1 SA and 1 DA
1,720 lbs (780 kg)
16.5" (42 cm)
70 hp (53 kW)
100 hp (75 kW)