Simple and Compact Roadside Mowers

KUHN RSM roadside mowers provide high quality of work and are highly adaptable. Designed to meet the needs of local municipalities, they are suitable for tractors with 65 – 90 horsepower and are at ease in a wide variety of conditions.

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KUHN RSM roadside mowers provide the most efficient management of roadsides and ditches. The quality of work and adaptability are two main characteristics of these roadside mowers. They are suitable for tractors with 65 – 90 horsepower and are at ease in a wide variety of conditions. The models in the RSM range has been designed to meet local municipality needs for mowing work with greater safety over conventional rotary mowers.

Your benefits

Easily Adapt to Mowing Conditions


Oscillating Main Frame

An oscillating main frame, with floating pivot on the mowing head, allows the mowing head to adapt to the conditions and environment around it.

Rear Roller

The 6” diameter rear roller provides optimal height control, eliminates ruts in loose soils and provides better clearance over irregular ground.

Vertical Lift

The vertical lift automatically compensates for uneven ground. The models in the RSM range can mow on a higher plane than the road level. The vertical lift function also makes it easier to mow shallow ditches while maintaining an optimal drive position.

Knife Options

  • Articulated Hammer Knives
    Create lift for a clean cut. The shackle allows more freedom to clear obstructions hidden in grass conditions.
  • Hammer Knives
    Hammer knives are designed for shredding with plenty of lift and extra weight to power through brush up to 2”. Not for use in rocky conditions.

Protection from Damage


Heavy-Duty Belt Drive

The RSM utilizes a belt drive system built to handle heavy service. Its position keeps the PTO shaft as straight as possible, while the ventilated guard reduces heat buildup, extending the life of the belt.

Mechanical Safety Breakaway System

A mechanical safety breakaway system protects the mower from inadvertent encounters with obstacles. Simply back the tractor up to reset and continue mowing.

Structure of the Chassis and Frame

The structure of the chassis and frame are based on KUHN’s decades of experience with mowers and shredders. In the event of a collision with an obstacle, the mechanical safety device will protect the machine’s structure. Hydraulic non-stop protection is available as an option.

Total Control


Close Coupling

The specially designed headstock keeps the mower as close to the tractor as possible, offering outstanding controllability in both the mowing and transport positions.


Working width
Number of articulated hammer knives
Hydraulic control of inner and outer cutting head position
Inner protection cover
Mechanical breakaway system
Height adjustment by roller with removable ends
Curved skid shoes
Free wheel integrated in the central gearbox
Hitch type
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Machine net weight, approx. with roller
PTO speed (rpm)
Rotor drive
Minimum PTO power requirement
Maximum PTO power recommended
RSM 180 RSM 210
6' (1.83 m) 7' (2.13 m)
20 24
Standard Standard
Standard Standard
Standard Standard
Standard Standard
Standard Standard
Standard Standard
3-point, Cat. 2 (quick hitch compatible) 3-point, Cat. 2 (quick hitch compatible)
2 SA - with float required 2 SA - with float required
1,565 lbs (710 kg) 1,785 lbs (810 kg)
540 540
4 - SPB belts 4 - SPB belts
65 hp (49 kW) 75 hp (56 kW)
90 hp (67 kW) 120 hp (88 kW)