HayBob Tedder/Rake Combination


Practical, Economical, Multi-Purpose Machines

Well suited for the farm hobbyist and hay producers with small- to medium sized operations, these universal haymakers are made from heavy-duty components to give the machine a long life. Both models of the HayBob easily adjust to field contours when tedding and raking.

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The KUHN HayBob 300 and 360 tedder/rake combinations are universal haymakers, ideally suited for the farm hobbyist and hay producers with small- to medium-sized operations. The HayBob offers excellent performance in grass and delicate legume hay crops, and provides through tedding to uniformly spread wet crops for fast drying. Easily converted from tedding to raking, these machines provide gentle crop handling and produce fluffy, well-formed windrows. The HayBob provides a practical and economical alternative for producers who wish to save the cost of multiple specialized machines.

Your benefits

Dual Optimization for Tedding and Raking


Tine Height and Rotor Pitch Angle

The tine height and rotor pitch angle are quickly optimized for both tedding and raking by adjusting wheel columns and the tractor’s top link to obtain the desired setting.

Rotor Basket

Each rotor basket is equipped with narrow and wide tines to obtain a wide working area for high-capacity operation and faster working speeds.

Central Swath Divider

A central swath divider ensures that crop is evenly distributed between the rotors when tedding to provide the most uniform distribution of crop for rapid drying.

Easily Adjust to Field Contours


Centrifugal Force Controlled Tines

The centrifugal force-controlled, horizontal tines self-adjust to field contours as they float through stubble to cleanly pick up crop, providing faster working speeds with little risk of contamination when tedding and raking.

Pivoting Headstock with Lock

The pivoting headstock unlocks while at work to closely follow the path of the tractor when turning, without damage to the windrow. When raised for transport, the headstock automatically centers and locks for added safety.

Adjustable Swath Boards

Adjustable swath boards produce neatly formed windrows and may be offset to form a double row in three passes.

Heavy-Duty Components


Mounted, Pivoting Tines

Twenty individually mounted, pivoting tines feature nylon bearings to provide reliable performance and operation that is practically maintenance-free.


Hitch type
Number of rotors
Number of tines per rotor
Working width when tedding
Working width when raking - double windrow
Working width when raking - single windrow
Wheel height adjustment
Pivoting headstock
PTO speed
Minimum PTO power requirement
PTO with slip clutch protection
Safety guards
Machine net weight approx.
Tedding or raking position
Shipping information: 1 machine per crate - gross total weight
3-point, Cat. 1 & 2 3-point, Cat. 1 & 2
2 2
10 10
9'10" (3.0 m) 9'10" (3.0 m)
19'8" (6.0 m) 3 passes 23'8" (7.2 m) 2 passes
9'10" (3.0 m) 11'10" (3.6 m)
Standard Standard
Standard Standard
540 rpm 540 rpm
15 hp (11 kW) 20 hp (15 kW)
Standard Standard
Standard Standard
15 x 6.0-6 (4-ply) 15 x 6.0-6 (4-ply)
760 lbs (345 kg) 760 lbs (345 kg)
Center Left-side
779 lbs (353 kg) 878 lbs (398 kg)