SR 800 Series Wheel Rakes


Fits Any Type of Operation

Available in 17- and 19-wheel configurations, the SR 800 Series SpeedRake® wheel rakes feature working widths ranging from 27’ to 29’6”

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KUHN SR 800 Series SpeedRake® wheel rakes are the latest to join KUHN's highly trusted rake lineup. All of the wheels on the SR 800 are angled vertically at 8.7°, allowing the crop to be lifted off the ground and transitioned easily from wheel to wheel for a well-formed, uniform and fluffy windrow. With the easily expandable design, the rake beam can increase from 17 to 19 rake wheels, thus increasing working widths from 27' to 29' 6". The simple folding design of the SR 800 allows the operator to extend the frame and angle the rake beam to match up with a variety of mower widths and windrow styles to fit any type of operation. The ground pressure on the rake wheels can be easily adjusted on each beam to get the best crop pickup for a clean looking field.

Your benefits

Heavy-Duty Design


Heavy-Duty Frame

The frame of the SR 800 Series wheel rakes is built with heavy-duty components to ensure a long service life when running in rough field conditions and heavy use. The overhead frame can be extended out to match with any mower size and windrow width.

60” Rake Wheels

The 60” rake wheels are built from heavy-duty steel to ensure a long service life. Windguards and rubber tines ensure a smooth crop flow and uniform windrow. The rubber tines are flexible, yet tough enough to pick up long or wet crop, without incorporating an excessive amount of dirt or ash into the windrow.

Tandem Axles

Tandem axles provide improved performance in difficult field and crop conditions. The machine will float better over pivot tracks and through waterways or ditches.

Gentle, Clean Raking


Rake Wheel Angle

All of the rake wheels are angled 8.7 degrees allowing the crop to be lifted off of the ground and flow easily from wheel to wheel to create a uniform, fluffy windrow.

Windrow Formation Rake Wheel

This rake wheel is added to the farthest back position on the rake wheel arm. The purpose of this extra wheel is to kick up the final portion of the windrow and throw the crop back on top of the windrow. This will produce an even, fluffy windrow that allows air to pass through and dry the windrow consistently allowing the crop to feed evenly into a round or square baler or forage harvester.

Rake Wheel Suspension

Individually floating rake wheels are mounted on spring-suspended arms and can be adjusted on each side. This reduces soil disturbance, providing cleaner raking and resulting in higher quality hay.

Rake Wheel Ground Pressure Adjustment

This single-point, adjustable, toolless stop on the right and left sides increases or decreases the machine’s ground pressure. It also puts the operator in control to adjust the ground pressure based on crop volume and conditions to incorporate less dirt and ash into the windrow.

Easily Meet Your Operation’s Needs


Manually Adjustable Configuration

The manually adjustable configuration requires 2 DA hydraulic valves from the tractor. The first hydraulic valve will extend and retract the overhead frame. The second hydraulic valve will raise and lower the rake wheels.

Hydraulically Adjustable Configuration

The optional hydraulic configuration requires 3 DA hydraulic valves. The first two hydraulic valves do the same thing as the manual configuration. The third hydraulic valve will change the rake wheel beam angle to get the desire working width and windrow width.

Electric Control Configuration

With only one hydraulic valve, users are able to fold and unfold the rake, raise and lower the rake wheels, and adjust the beam angle to get the desired working width while never having to leave the comfort of the tractor.




Minimum working width
Maximum working width
Number of rake wheels
Rake wheel bearings
Center kicker wheel
Rake wheel diameter
Tine diameter
Tine sets per wheel
Rake wheel mounting
Rake wheel lift
Rake wheel ground pressure
Safety chain
Transport wheels and tires
Tread width
Single axle
Tandem axle
Minimum windrow width
Maximum windrow width
Transport width
Transport length
Transport height
Rake wheel clearance on headlands
Single-side raking
Intermediate caster wheel set
Minimum power requirement
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Machine weight approx.
Rake wheel and frame extension kit
Road lights and signaling
SR 800 - 17 WHEEL SR 800 - 19 WHEEL
10' (3.1 m) 10' (3.1 m)
27' (8.2 m) 29'6" (9.0 m)
17 19
Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk
60" (1.5 m) 60" (1.5 m)
9/32" (7 mm) 9/32" (7 mm)
36 (18 pairs) 36 (18 pairs)
Bolts Bolts
Hydraulic Hydraulic
Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension
Optional Optional
9.5L - 15, 8-ply rating 9.5L - 15, 8-ply rating
12'4" (3.8 m) 12'4" (3.8 m)
- -
Standard Standard
4' (1.2 m) 4' (1.2 m)
6' (1.8 m) 6' (1.8 m)
12'4" (3.8 m) 12'4" (3.8 m)
28'3" (8.6 m) 32' (9.8 m)
8'3" (2.5 m) 8'3" (2.5 m)
14" (36 cm) 14" (36 cm)
Standard Standard
- -
Standard Standard
80 hp (60 kW) 80 hp (60 kW)
2 DA 2 DA
Drawbar Drawbar
6,170 lbs (2,800 kg) 6,574 lbs (2,982 kg)
- Standard
Standard Standard


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