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With their low height, rounded frame edges combined with narrow widths, the HRB 102 Series power harrows are ideal for specialized work in orchards and vineyards.

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The KUHN HRB 102 Series orchard and vineyard power harrows are exceptional due to their robustness and reliability. These rigid power harrows have working widths ranging from 4’ to 9’ 10”. They provide the same work quality, design and manufacturing level as larger models. The benefits of these tools include: easy adjustability to adapt to variable conditions and reduced maintenance and operating costs.

Your benefits

Superior Soil Finishing


Side Deflectors

The shape of the side deflectors provides efficient ground guidance and channeling to ensure a good finish between passes.

Depth Control

A large-diameter, maintenance-free Crumbler roller enables good soil framing and efficient working depth adjustment. The HRB 202, 252 D and 302 D power harrows can also be equipped with a Packer roller.

High-Strength and Simple Design



The hitch is made from a shaped and welded triangular steel plate. This helps ensure longevity in all soils and conditions.

Compact and Durable Housing

The section, blade teeth and blade holders form a compact and durable assembly. The small distance between the section and the top of the blade holders prevents stones from getting jammed. Moreover, the soil flow is directed down toward the blades.


The HRB 122, 152, 182 and 202 come standard with shear bolt protection for the driveline. A friction slip clutch is standard with the HRB 252 D and 302 D, with an optional cam clutch. All KUHN power harrows feature a rear PTO output shaft.
HRB_Driveline_New Decals.jpg


The HRB 122, 152, 182 and 202 feature a single-speed gearbox. The interchangeable Duplex gears on the HRB 252 D and 302 D allow different rotor speeds for excellent mixing whether the soil is hard or crumbly. These models also offer additional gear sets for an even wider range of available rotor speeds.

Adapts to Your Conditions


Simple Design

With low heights, rounded frame edges, and narrow widths, the HRB 102 Series harrows are the ideal tools for specialized work.

Easy Transport

With their narrow width, these machines are easily and safely transported from one field to another.



Transport width
Maximum PTO power
Minimum PTO power
Central gearbox
PTO shaft
Rear PTO output shaft
PTO protection
PTO speed
Rotor speed
Number of rotors
Maximum working depth
Approximate machine weight with MaxiCrumbler roller
Approximate machine weight with Packer roller
Working width
Approximate machine weight
HRB 122HRB 152HRB 182HRB 202HRB 252 DHRB 302 D
4'3" (1.3 m)5'3" (1.6 m)6'3" (1.9 m)7'2" (2.2 m)8'6" (2.6 m)10'1" (3.1 m)
80 hp (60 kW)80 hp (60 kW)80 hp (60 kW)80 hp (60 kW)140 hp (104 kW)140 hp (104 kW)
25 hp (19 kW)30 hp (22 kW)35 hp (26 kW)40 hp (30 kW)50 hp (38 kW)60 hp (45 kW)
Single speed with shear boltSingle speed with shear boltSingle speed with shear boltSingle-speedDuplex multi-speedDuplex multi-speed
Standard 1 3/8'' - 6-spline (factory set for 540)Standard 1 3/8'' - 6-spline (factory set for 540)Standard 1 3/8'' - 6-spline (factory set for 540)
Friction slip clutchFriction slip clutchFriction slip clutch
540 onlyStandard 540 - Optional 1,000 (1,000 rpm operation requires 21-spline PTO yoke and optional gear set)Standard 540 - Optional 1,000 (1,000 rpm operation requires 21-spline PTO yoke and optional gear set)
253 rpm221/289 rpm221/289 rpm
8" (20 cm)8" (20 cm)8" (20 cm)8" (20 cm)8" (20 cm)8" (20 cm)
Cat. 1 and 2Cat. 1 and 2Cat. 1 and 2Cat. 2 and 3Cat. 2 and 3Cat. 2 and 3
1,775 lbs (805 kg)2,011 lbs (912 kg)2,128 lbs (965 kg)
1,852 lbs (840 kg)2,150 lbs (975 kg)2,580 lbs (1,170 kg)
4' (1.2 m)5' (1.5 m)6' (1.8 m)6'11" (2.1 m)8'2" (2.5 m)9'10" (3.0 m)
1,080 lbs (490 kg)1,237 lbs (561 kg)1,369 lbs (621 kg)


Customer Spotlight: HRB 102 Series

  • IvanGetting_HRB252D_Testimonial
    Ivan Getting Longmont, Colorado

    “In just one pass, the machine (KUHN HRB 252 D Power Harrow) breaks up the clods and makes a neatly finished and fine seedbed. I anticipated the vertical rotary tines would break up the clods very well and indeed the power harrow helps tremendously."

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