Vari-Manager Moldboard Plow


The All Arounder

For operators plowing hilly or undulating terrain, the semi-mounted Vari-Manager plow provides exceptional ground following due to its articulated design. Operators can pull more bottoms with the same horsepower tractor than if they were using a mounted plow.

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With a wide choice of bottoms and trash burial options, KUHN Vari-Manager semi-mounted plows are suited for medium range horsepower tractors and working conditions. These plows are available as a hydraulically adjustable cutting width Vari-Manager that can be adjusted from the cab.

Your benefits

Heavy-Duty Components for an Increased Machine Life

Non-Stop Hydraulic Reset.jpg

Non-Stop Hydraulic (NSH) Reset

When a field obstacle is met, a rapid breakaway of the plow leg occurs. Once the obstacle is passed there is an increase in pressure, bringing the bottom quickly and firmly back into working position. The system also acts as a shock absorber in rocky ground, increasing plow life.

Headstock with Heavy-Duty Articulation

The swift hitch cross shaft is positioned low on the machine for the best possible weight distribution and maximum traction in difficult conditions.

Triplex Steel

Moldboards are made of unequal layer, heat-treated Triplex steel that have an increased working life up to 40% over standard steel and a hard wearing surface over 1/8” thick.

Well Formed Plowing with Moldboard Choices


H4 Moldboard

The H4, helicoidal, Scandinavian-type moldboard provides well-formed plowing to a normal depth range of 7-12”. The share is fitted with a reversible/replaceable point that greatly increases the life of the share. Recommended for fall plowing, the H4 moldboard is especially suited for heavy and damp clays. Furrow passes are well defined and trash burial is excellent.

N Moldboard

The helico-cylindrical N moldboard plows to a depth of 14”. Designed to be a highly versatile body, it is cylindrical at front, helicoidal at rear. A low draft ensures a partly broken furrow with excellent trash burial. Recommended for spring plowing, this moldboard is versatile and works well in sandy or clay soils.

Olympic® Share Points

Reversible for maximum efficiency. More pronounced shape at wearing zones on the point for longer life and better protection of the landside. Point is self-sharpening for good ground penetration at all times.

Enhance Your Productivity in the Field


Hydraulic Sequencing

In the tractor cab, the same lever controls both lifting out of work and rollover of the plow in one combined automatic operation; greatly simplifying headland maneuvers and reducing operator fatigue.

Beam Articulation

The beam articulation allows the plow to follow undulating terrain for a constant plowing depth along the length of the plow. When coming out of work, while the front bottoms are lifted out of the ground, the rear bottoms remain at a constant working depth, improving the headlands for a neater field finish.

Large Hydraulic Offsetting Adjustment

Large adjustments can be made to the plow offsetting (its angle in relation to the tractor) from the tractor seat by activating one of the hydraulic valve levers. This allows for easy adaptation to all possible tractor inter-wheel distances.
Large Hydraulic Offsetting Adjustment.jpg

Two-Wheel Undercarriage

The two-wheel undercarriage results in a substantial reduction in the strain put on the tractor hitch arms during rollover.