SW 14 Series Round & Square Bale Wrappers


Fast and Reliable Wrapping

The KUHN SW 14 Series bale wrappers can wrap large square bales or round bales for maximum versatility. Mounted or trailed models are available, and can be manually or computer- controlled, to best meet your operation’s needs.

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KUHN SW 14 Series bale wrappers can wrap large square bales, 2x3 or 3x3 (80x60-90 cm), up to 6’ (180 cm) in length, and round bales up to 5’ (150 cm) in diameter. KUHN wrappers rotate bales evenly for exact film overlap, and consistent and tightly wrapped bales. Choose from two different control systems, manual or computer-controlled, to best suit your operation. The pre-stretchers, film cutters, wrapping table and low-profile chassis design make KUHN bale wrappers simple, easy-to-use, fast and efficient. KUHN bale wrappers, designed with you in mind, provide reliable performance to ensure optimum forage quality throughout the storage period.

The KUHN SW 1114 is a 3-point mounted, quick-hitch compatible model ideal for “wrap and stack” operations. Wrapping at the storage site means less risk of film damage and can be done by one person. The wrapper can be operated from a loader while using a power pack or second tractor for the oil- and power supply due to the standard RF remote control.

The KUHN SW 1614 is a trailed, self-loading bale wrapper suited perfectly for operations where high capacity and high efficiency are required. The automatic parallel loading arm, with standard round bale kit, ensures gentle, on-the-move bale loading. Due to its unique low-profile chassis design with wide track wheels, a second bale can be carried during wrapping to increase overall efficiency.

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Fast and Reliable Wrapping


Square Turntable

The KUHN large square bale turntable wrappers are equipped with two pairs of steel rollers, with a ribbed profile, This design creates a deep and stable cradle for the bale, ensuring maximum bale traction, even bale rotation and proper film overlap, whatever the bale size. Two large bale support rollers provide additional stability and guidance. Round bales can also be wrapped with these wrappers.

Conical Pre-Stretcher

The standard pre-stretchers, which hold a 30” (750 mm) roll, are made of aluminum to avoid build-up of tack from the film. Both outer ends of the aluminum rollers are cone-shaped to maintain the optimum width of the film and reduce the risk of film tear. The special ribbed profile of the aluminum rollers keeps air and water away from the film. The location of the pre-stretchers makes it very easy to change the film rolls. The standard pre-stretch of 70% is reached by a low-maintenance and low-noise gear transmission. An optional 60% pre-stretcher gear kit can be installed to change the standard pre-stretch to 60%, rather than 70%, to adapt to difficult wrapping conditions.

Hydraulic, High-Grip Film Cutters

Once the desired number of film layers have been applied, the film is then held firmly and cut. A hydraulic, high-grip film cutter allows you to adjust the cutting movement independent of the table tipping position, resulting in the shortest possible end string. It has a long stroke to help accommodate various bale lengths, and ensures a firm hold and a clean cut of the film in various weather conditions.

Gentle Bale Discharge


Low-Profile Chassis Design

The KUHN SW 1614 bale wrapper features a unique low-profile design ideal for stability when loading, wrapping or unloading a bale. The rear axle position results in a low table height eliminating the need for an active fall dampener. There is constant weight on the tractor that prevents up-and-down movements of the drawbar and prevents tractor wheel slippage when driving uphill with a bale on the table or loading arm. The bale can be dropped on the go for maximum output!

Low Table Height

The low table on the SW 1114 ensures a gentle bale discharge so there is no need for a fall dampener. The low profile design also allows easy replacement of the film rolls.

Manual or Computer Control


Control Systems

Two different control systems are available dependent on model and driver preferences: 

The manual version (M) is controlled with cable levers, and comes standard with the bale-and-wrap counter and autostop. The bale-and-wrap counter counts the film layers and total number of wrapped bales. The autostop function will automatically stop the wrapping table once the target number of film layers have been applied. This enables semi-automatic wrapping, even with manual controls. 

The computer-controlled version (C) uses a color touchscreen VT 30 to provide all the information and features of fully automatic wrapping.   

The SW 1114 computer-controlled version (C), with standard RF remote control, can be operated from a loader while using a power pack or second tractor for the oil- and power supply. This creates a one-person operation for loading, wrapping and stacking. Wrapping at the storage location means a minimum risk of damage to the film. The C version comes standard with automatic stop at the end of film roll or film tear, integrated bale and wrap counter, play/pause function and 90° loading position. 

The SW 1614 computer-controlled version (C), with integrated AutoLoad function, has increased overall efficiency and loading and wrapping capacity. The automatically controlled computer system can be equipped with an RF remote control to use the wrapper in a stationary application.


The SW 1614 C can carry a second bale in the loading arm during wrapping. The AutoLoad function offers increased overall loading, wrapping capacity and efficiency. AutoLoad enables the operator to fully concentrate on driving, while the wrapping process is automatically started once the bale has been detected on the loading arm. Picking up a second bale for transport, during wrapping, is fully automated.




Large square bale size - width x height x length
Round bale size - width x diameter
Maximum bale weight
Transport width
Transport height
Loading system
Ability to wrap round bales
Wrapping table
Bale support roller
Automatic stop by end of film / tear
RF remote control (rechargeable)
Fully automatic film cutter
Film pre-stretcher
Pre-stretch ratio
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Output and pressure required
Road lights and signaling
Machine net weight
SW 1114 M SW 1114 C
2x3 or 3x3 bales up to 6' long (0.6x0.9 or 0.9x0.9 m bales up to 1.8 m long) 2x3 or 3x3 bales up to 6' long (0.6x0.9 or 0.9x0.9 m bales up to 1.8 m long)
(4-5)' x (3-5)' ((1.2 - 1.5 m) x (0.9 - 1.5 m)) (4-5)' x (3-5)' ((1.2 - 1.5 m) x (0.9 - 1.5 m))
2,650 lbs (1,202 kg) 2,650 lbs (1,202 kg)
9'5" (2.9 m) 9'5" (2.9 m)
8'6'' (2.6 m) 8'6'' (2.6 m)
Cat. 2 (NEW: quick hitch compatible as standard) Cat. 2 (NEW: quick hitch compatible as standard)
Non self-loading Non self-loading
Standard Standard
Adjustable twin roller pair configuraiton Adjustable twin roller pair configuraiton
2 adjustable rollers 2 adjustable rollers
(M) Manual 2 lever contolled (C) Computer controlled
- Standard
- Standard
Standard hydraulic Standard hydraulic
Standard 30" (46 cm) - optional 20" (51 cm) Standard 30" (46 cm) - optional 20" (51 cm)
Approximately 70% standard - 60% optional Approximately 70% standard - 60% optional
1 SA with free return or 1 DA 1 SA with free return or 1 DA
7 gpm at 2,200 psi 7 gpm at 2,200 psi
Optional with trailer kit Optional with trailer kit
2,250 lbs (1,021 kg) 2,250 lbs (1,021 kg)


Available applications: SW 14

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