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Available in 10-, 12- and 14-wheel configurations, the SR 300 Series SpeedRake® wheel rakes feature working widths ranging from 20’10” to 28’.

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KUHN SR 300 Series SpeedRake® wheel rakes provide exceptional transportability and high-capacity raking to help you achieve optimum harvest productivity. The unique hybrid design, between a carted rake and a bi-fold rake, offers simplicity and high clearance, allowing you to tailor the machine to the needs of your operation. Individually floating, high-capacity rake wheel arms and a high-clearance frame offer clean raking and even crop flow for a fluffy, uniform windrow. The innovative hydraulic, parallel-folding design provides convenient operation from the tractor seat. Cantilever main raking beams eliminate the need for caster support wheels, which allows for raking closer to fences and other obstructions. The articulated rake beams allow for simple adjustment of windrow width while maintaining gentle crop flow to the windrow.

Your benefits

Heavy-Duty and Versatile Design


Heavy-Duty Tongue & Delta Frame

The SR 300 Series wheel rakes feature outstanding strength and durability to provide the machine with a long life. The angled design of the tongue, as it comes down to the hitch, allows for clearance for tractor draft arms while turning. The hydraulic hoses are routed through the tongue which provides protection from damage and a clean look.

Heavy-Duty Cantilever Rake Beams

Heavy-duty, square-tube rake beams provide a solid structure and outstanding durability, even when raking the widest windrows. The cantilever design provides a solid support for the rake wheels and allows them to closely follow the ground. Rake closer to fences, irrigation borders and other obstacles, without the need for caster wheels.

Specially Curved Rake Wheel Arms

Specially curved rake wheel arms provide high capacity for uniform crop flow and neatly formed windrows. The design offers outstanding clearance when crossing over windrows or moving between fields as the rake wheels can be lifted up to 21”.

Hydraulic Parallel Folding

The hydraulic parallel folding allows the rake to be set conveniently from the tractor seat. The rake beams telescope in and out, in unison, allowing on-the-go raking width adjustment. This provides the operator the flexibility to set the working width based on the mower width and windrow width. Guide surfaces on the telescoping rake beams are high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lined, and provide smooth and reliable performance and outstanding durability. They are removable, replaceable, have simple maintenance and long life.

Alternate Raking Positions

The standard “V” raking mode gathers the maximum crop width. Standard right-side only and left-side only raking allows the customer to reach tight corners and turn over wet crop for faster drying. To switch raking positions, simply turn either quarter turn valve on either side to lock the rake wheels in the raised positioned.

Rapidly Adapt to Your Field Conditions


Rapidly Adapt to Your Field Conditions

You can quickly and conveniently adjust the width by changing the working angle of the last two raking wheels on each side and independent of the raking width. This setting remains constant as the working width is altered providing on-the-go adjustability while preserving the windrow width.

Independent Rake Wheel Suspension

Individually floating rake wheels are mounted on spring-suspended arms and can be adjusted independently from front to back. This reduces soil disturbance providing cleaner raking and resulting in higher-quality hay.

Rake Wheel Lockout

The front two and back two rake wheels can be locked out to adapt to specific situation (the back three rake wheels on the SR 314). Handle heavier crop conditions more effectively by locking up the front wheels. Produce a wider windrow or turn two windrows at once without combining them by locking the rear wheels.

Hydraulic Rake Wheel Operation

The hydraulic rake wheel operation increases spring pressure on all rake wheels simultaneously and raises the rake wheels together. Two double-acting cylinders provide active lowering of the rake wheels, eliminating the need for a tractor with a hydraulic float circuit.

Easy Transport


Transport Wheels

Transport wheels are forward and centrally positioned to allow for a small turning radius, easy maneuverability on headlands and in small or oddly shaped fields.




Minimum working width
Maximum working width
Number of rake wheels
Rake wheel bearings
Center kicker wheel
Rake wheel diameter
Tine diameter
Tine sets per wheel
Rake wheel mounting
Rake wheel lift
Rake wheel ground pressure
Safety chain
Transport wheels and tires
Tread width
Single axle
Tandem axle
Minimum windrow width
Maximum windrow width
Transport width
Transport length
Transport height
Rake wheel clearance on headlands
Single-side raking
Intermediate caster wheel set
Minimum power requirement
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Machine weight approx.
Rake wheel and frame extension kit
Road lights and signaling
SR 310 SR 312 SR 314
16'8" (5.1 m) 18'10" (5.7 m) 21' (6.4 m)
20'10" (6.3 m) 24'2" (7.4 m) 28' (8.5 m)
10 12 14
Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk
Optional V-type splitter wheels- not recommended for long-stemmed hay Optional V-type splitter wheels- not recommended for long-stemmed hay Optional V-type splitter wheels- not recommended for long-stemmed hay
55" (1.4 m ) 55" (1.4 m ) 55" (1.4 m )
9/32" (7.1 mm) 9/32" (7.1 mm) 9/32" (7.1 mm)
40 40 40
Wheel studs Wheel studs Wheel studs
Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension
Optional Optional Optional
ST 205 / 75 D-15 (single and tandem axle) ST 205 / 75 D-15 (single and tandem axle) ST 205 / 75 D-15 (single and tandem axle)
6'10" (2.1 m) 6'10" (2.1 m) 6'6" (2.01 m)
Standard Standard -
Optional Optional Standard
3' (0.9 m) 3' (0.9 m) 3' (0.9 m)
6' (1.8 m) 6' (1.8 m) 6' (1.8 m)
9' (2.7 m) 9' (2.7 m) 10'10" (3.3 m)
21'6" (6.6 m) 24'7" (7.5 m) 27' (8.3 m)
6'5" (1.98 m) 6'5" (1.98 m) 6'5" (1.98 m)
21" (50 cm) 21" (50 cm) 21" (50 cm)
Standard Standard Standard
- - -
Optional Optional Standard
20 hp (15 kW) 30 hp (22 kW) 35 hp (26 kW)
2 DA 2 DA 2 DA
Standard clevis (optional 2-5/16" ball hitch) Standard clevis (optional 2-5/16" ball hitch) Standard clevis (optional 2-5/16" ball hitch)
2,225 lbs (1,009 kg) 2,440 lbs (1,106 kg) 3,160 lbs (1,143 kg)
Optional - -
Optional Optional Standard


Available applications: SR 300

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