Optimer+ 103 Mounted Series


Create the Ideal Seedbed

The Optimer+ 103 mounted stubble cultivator, with independent discs, is the ideal machine for quality shallow soil cultivation promoting decomposition of organic matter while preventing soil moisture loss.

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With shallow working depths ranging from 1-4 inches, KUHN Optimer+ 103 Series compact discs quickly warm the soil so you can plant your crop sooner and create the ideal seedbed for your operation. Designed for high speed, shallow conservation tillage, Optimer+ 103 Series discs cut and incorporate trash while working up the top layer of soil to aid in drying the soil, and in promoting fast germination and emergence of seeds. Available in working widths of 9’10” and 13’1”, the Optimer+ 103 Series compact discs provide you with excellent soil composition to help your operation meet its minimum till needs.

Your benefits

Thoroughly Mix Residues

Optimer+Disc Blades.png

Curved Disc Blades

20”, curved disc blades, with large notches, aggressively shred crop residue and evenly mix it into the soil. The blades are angled, both horizontally and vertically, to work completely across the soil profile. The disc with notches excels working in large quantities of plant residues, shredding crop residues and ensuring even mixing of the soil and residues.

Variety of Roller Options Available

Operators are able to choose from either a T-Ring or T-Liner roller for their machine. The T-Ring roller (shown) works well in clay or heavy soil. It provides the soil with even firming, while maintaining a smooth finish. It also assists with straw decomposition. The T-Liner roller comes in a solid tube design. It performs best in rocky conditions and provides good crumbling for the entire working width of the machine.

Increased Clearance

Arms provide nearly five inches of frame clearance, so you can power through even the heaviest residue conditions without fear of plugging.

Easy and Simple Adjustments

Optimer+103_Compact Design.jpg

Compact Design

The Optimer+’s compact design and small overhang means it can be adapted to most tractors. With simple adjustments, working depth can be continuously adjusted using an easy to access stop screw and a graduated plate.

Low Maintenance Features to Save You Precious Time


Reduced Maintenance

The hubs on the Optimer+ feature a double row of oblique-contact ball bearings that are sealed and lubed-for-life to eliminate maintenance headaches for operators.

Independent Disc Protection

A system of four polyurethane elastomer blocks allows each disc to move independently in case the machine strikes an obstacle. With this system, the working depth will not be altered across the rest of the machine if it were to strike an obstacle.


Optimer +103_Action_01.jpg


Minimum PTO power requirement
Maximum PTO power allowed
Working width
Transport width
Notched disc diameter
Number of discs
Working depth
Side deflectors
Machine weight approx.
Rear leveling spring tine harrow
90 hp (66 kW)120 hp (88 kW)
150 hp (110 kW)200 hp (147 kW)
9'10'' (3.0 m)13'1'' (4.0 m)
9'10'' (3.0 m)13'1'' (4.0 m)
20" (50.8 cm)20" (50.8 cm)
1.25" - 3" (3.2 cm - 7.6 cm)1.25" - 3" (3.2 cm - 7.6 cm)
Standard leftStandard left
3,798 lbs (1,723 kg)5,902 lbs (2,677 kg)