Optimer+ 1003 Trailed Series


Take Your Productivity to the Next Level

With four models offering up to nearly 25’ of working width, even your largest fields will be conquered in no time. These models fold to a narrow 9’10” for easy transport.

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KUHN Optimer+ 1003 Series compact discs help you work the soil at less depth while at a higher ground speed to cover more acres. The Optimer+ focuses on achieving high-quality seed emergence due to shallow tilling. These compact discs fold to a narrow 9‘10” for safe and easy transport. With high working speeds and compact, maneuverable designs, the Optimer+ 1003 Series makes short work of all your fields – no matter the shape or size.
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Your benefits

Thoroughly Mix Residues

Optimer+Disc Blades.png

Curved Disc Blades

20”, curved disc blades, with large notches, aggressively shred crop residue and evenly mix it into the soil. The blades are angled, both horizontally and vertically, to work completely across the soil profile. The disc with notches excels in working in large quantities of plant residues, shredding crop residues and ensuring even mixing of the soil and residues.

Increased Clearance

Large arms provide nearly five inches of additional frame clearance, so you can power through even the heaviest residue conditions without fear of plugging.

Disc Attack Angle Inclines

The disc attack angle inclines to give the machine a large area to penetrate the soil. The shape of the discs provides intensive mixing of soil and crop residues.

Easy Soil Preparation


Variety of Roller Options Available

Operators are able to choose from either a T-Ring or T-Liner roller for their machine. The T-Ring roller (shown) works well in clay or heavy soil. It provides the soil with even firming, while maintaining a smooth finish. It also assists with straw decomposition. The T-Liner roller comes in a solid tube design. It performs best in rocky conditions and provides good crumbling for the entire working width of the machine.

Low Maintenance Features to Save You Precious Time


Reduced Maintenance

The hubs on the Optimer+ feature a double row of oblique-contact ball bearings that are sealed and lubed-for-life to eliminate maintenance headaches for operators.

Independent Disc Protection

A system of four polyurethane elastomer blocks allows each disc to move independently in case the machine strikes an obstacle. With this system, the working depth will not be altered across the rest of the machine if it were to strike an obstacle.

Gauge Wheels

Trailed Optimer+ models can be equipped with front gauge wheels to till the soil perfectly. These wheels are hydraulically assisted for more comfort.
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Minimum PTO power requirement
Maximum PTO power allowed
Working width
Transport width
Notched disc diameter
Number of discs
Working depth
Side deflectors
Hitch type
Machine weight approx.
Hydraulic requirements
Rear leveling spring tine harrow
Inter-disk crumbling baffle
Road lights and signaling
120 hp (88 kW)150 hp (110 kW)180 hp (133 kW)225 hp (166 kW)
200 hp (147 kW)250 hp (184 kW)300 hp (221 kW)360 hp (265 kW)
13'1" (4.0 m)16'5" (5.0 m)19'8" (6.0 m)24'7" (7.5 m)
9'10" (3.0 m)9'10" (3.0 m)9'10" (3.0 m)9'10" (3.0 m)
20" (50.8 cm)20" (50.8 cm)20" (50.8 cm)20" (50.8 cm)
1.25" - 3.9" (3.1 cm - 10.0 cm)1.25" - 3.9" (3.1 cm - 10.0 cm)1.25" - 3.9" (3.1 cm - 10.0 cm)1.25" - 3.9" (3.1 cm - 10.0 cm)
Left as standard, right as optionLeft as standard, right as optionLeft as standard, right as optionLeft as standard, right as option
Semi-mounted Cat. 3Semi-mounted Cat. 3Semi-mounted Cat. 3Semi-mounted Cat. 3
10,372 lbs (4,705 kg)11,303 lbs (5,127 kg)11,986 lbs (5,437 kg)13,695 lbs (6,212 kg)
2 DA2 DA2 DA2 DA


Customer Spotlight: Optimer+ 1003

  • OptimerPlus_4003_Action_01
    John Borer General Manager of Edelweiss Dairy

    “When we bought the Optimer+ (KUHN Optimer+ 7503 Compact Discs), we were looking for a machine that could prepare a good two- to four- inch seedbed for corn after running a manure dragline through it. It certainly helped us achieve our goal.”

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