VK Series


The Vineyard and Orchard Workhorse

VK shredders are available in a wide range of working widths and are ideal for grape-growing and narrow row orchard operations.

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With a low profile, smooth edges and streamlined deflector the KUHN VK shredders will finely shred grass, vine shoots and prunings. These types of shredders are ideal for grape-growing operations as well as narrow row orchards. The VK models are available in working widths from 3’2” to 5’1”. These machines run at high speeds and the forged steel heavy hammer knives shred clippings and vine shoots finely and cut grass for an impeccable finish.

Your benefits

Versatile Design


Low-Profile Hood

These shredders have a hood without protrusions, screw heads, or sharp angles to catch on trellis lines or low lying branches. The reduced hood height allows the VK shredder to slide under even the lowest wires without damaging vines, plants or trees.

Hammer Knives and Counter Knives

Hammer knives allow shredding of up to a 2” diameter brush. To achieve fine shredding, use the counter knives (one straight and two notched) to make sure residues are cut.

Offset Capability

VK shredders are fitted with mechanically controlled offset to allow work under trees and to adapt the working width to the tractor width. The center of gravity of the machine remains close to the tractor resulting in a balanced tractor/machine and preventing lifting problems.

Easily Control Your Height


Roller or Semi-Pivoting Wheels

Height is controlled via a roller or semi-pivoting wheels. The roller is fitted with removable ends as standard, so that you can carry out any necessary maintenance or repair quickly and easily at reduced costs.

Suited to Meet Your Needs


Collecting Rake

The rear collecting rake, available as an option, lifts up residues and vine shoots which are pressed down to the ground and need to be shredded. The roller guides keep it stable on uneven or damp ground. For greater machine stability, you can add skids or a roller.


Working width
Overall width
Number of hammer knives
Progressive offset to the right
PTO speed
Minimum PTO power requirement
Maximum PTO power
Maximum diameter of prunings or brush
Hitch type
Gearbox with integrated overrunning clutch
Machine net weight approx. with roller
VK 95VK 115VK 135VKD 155
38" (0.98 m)45" (1.14 m)53" (1.35 m)61" (1.55 m)
42" (1.07 m)49" (1.24 m)57" (1.45)65" (1.65 m)
4" (10 cm) mechanical7" (18 cm) mechanical8" (20 cm) mechanical14" (36 cm) hydraulic
20 hp (15 kW)30 hp (22 kW)35 hp (26 kW)40 hp (30 kW)
40 hp (30 kW)45 hp (34 kW)50 hp (37 kW)55 hp (41 kW)
2" (5.1 cm)2" (5.1 cm)2" (5.1 cm)2" (5 cm)
Cat. 1 or 2, 3-point mountCat. 1 or 2, 3-point mountCat. 1 or 2, 3-point mountCat. 1 or 2, 3-point mount
640 lbs (290 kg)727 lbs (330 kg)805 lbs (365 kg)1,124 lbs (510 kg)