Axent™ 100.1 Trailed Fertilizer Spreader


Unequaled Spreading Precision

The Axent™ 100.1 trailed fertilizer spreader is a large acreage dry fertilizer and lime applicator providing operators with high precision rate control, wide working widths, high capacity and lime capability, Opti-Point and Vari-Spread and ISOBUS compatibility.

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The KUHN Axent™ 100.1 trailed fertilizer spreader is the ultimate large-acreage dry fertilizer and lime applicator. Innovative technologies including EMC rate control, Opti-Point, and Vari-Spread create an industry-unique combination of high capacity and high precision that saves fertilizer and offers outstanding return on investment. Wide working widths reduce the number of passes required in each field, lowering fuel consumption and preserving soil structure. ISOBUS compatibility makes all of this capability easy to use and integrate into your operation.

Your benefits

Spread Wide, Spread Precise


Wide Working Widths

Operators are able to spread fertilizer with high precision, up to 164’ depending on the material. Wider working widths mean fewer passes in a given field, saving you valuable time and fuel.

Electronic Mass Flow Control (EMC) System

Electronic Mass Flow Control (EMC) is a unique technology, well-established and proven after years of experience. The patented torque-based system measures and continuously adjusts the application rate on each disc separately for complete flexibility and high precision.

Border Spreading

Border spreading is accomplished on the Axent™ fertilizer spreader by reducing disc speed and/or drop point so fertilizer stays within the boundaries of your fields. Border spreading can be engaged on either the left- or right-hand side via the control terminal in a similar manner to the KUHN Axis® fertilizer spreader.

Vari-Spread and Opti-Point

The Vari-Spread system saves fertilizer by shutting off sections in point rows and oddly shaped fields. In manual mode, four sections per side are selectable (eight total). In automatic GPS mode, the system adjusts the drop point and disc speed constantly, resulting in a continuously variable spread width. Opti-Point takes the guesswork out of headland turns, starting or stopping the discs at just the right moment to reduce overlap.

Coaxial Distribution Adjustment (CDA) System

The Coaxial Distribution Adjustment (CDA) system has two important features that make it unique:
  1. The pivoting hopper base enables quick adaptation to various fertilizers and working widths by adjusting the drop point of the fertilizer onto the spreading discs.
  2. Specially designed metering outlets close to the center of the discs allow multiple supply points to the paddles. This helps ensure constant fertilizer flow and an even spread pattern.

Two Machines in One


Axis® PowerPack

The Axis® PowerPack is the hydraulically driven module for high-precision spreading of granulated fertilizer. Based off the well-proven Axis H-EMC model design, the fertilizer system allows granulated fertilizer and seeds to be spread with ultimate precision from 60’ to 164’ depending on material.

Lime PowerPack

The Lime PowerPack allows for accurate spreading of ag lime as well some organic material. The lime pack contains larger and heavier spinning discs to spread the heavy and wet material up to 60’. The Lime PowerPack can be used for variable rate application as standard.

Premium Features Built Into Every Machine

Conveyor_ Belt.jpg

Wide, Heavy-Duty Conveyor Belt

The thick (8 mm) and wide (31 ½”) endless belt is made of a special high-endurance material. The belt is mounted at a slight angle for better weight balance with the tractor and more steady supply to the PowerPacks in the rear.

Weigh Scales

For precise documentation and improved operator comfort, four integrated weigh scales allow you to see the total remaining material load and area left before needing to reload.

Hydraulic Hopper Cover

For increased operator comfort and faster loading, the hopper cover is hydraulically opened and closed from the cab. Coupled with the standard weigh scales to keep track of how much material remains in the hopper, you can see shorter refilling times and subsequently less fatigue.

Protective Guards / Main Agitator

Hopper protective guards are used with the Axis® PowerPack to help prevent foreign material from damaging the belt or other components. They can be removed quickly for lime spreading with the quick-lock system. The main hopper agitator allows for sticky clumps of fertilizer or lime to be broken apart for more uniform spreading.




Customer Spotlight: Axent™ 100.1

  • KUHN_Axent_MikeGrand_Testimonial
    Integrated Ag Services Milford Center, Ohio

    “In terms of acres covered, the extra width we can cover with the machine (KUHN Axent™ Fertilizer Spreader) is making a significant difference in how much we accomplish in a day. On the machine we use today, we probably get only 500 to 700 acres done each day, but with the Axent it puts us somewhere between 700 to 900 acres.”

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